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Christmas 2014

Dear Lili,

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart! I hope you’re having a happy time.

I think about you a lot at Christmas time. Every year I put up prints of the drawings you made, and it make me feel a little bit like you’re here. Of course, you’re always with me in my heart. 



I put up the Christmas tree every year. I bought some new LED lights and it looks really beautiful this year. I hope you come to see it one day and spend a few days at Christmastime with your Dad like we used to do. It was always a special time of year for us.


I often think of the happy times we shared, like how you used to ride on my shoulders, which you called “ride on top.”

IMG_9083 copy

Missing you most at Christmas, and hoping for the day when we no longer have to be separated at this time of year…

IMG_9084 copy

Love always and forever,

Your Loving Dad ❤ ❤ ❤

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Ashokan Farewell:



Dear Lili,

This is kind of a sad song, I guess. It makes me think of the last time I saw your face nearly ten years ago now. Your grandmother had just passed away, and I was allowed 30 minutes in the train station in the coffee shop to tell you the news. As you walked away, I never realized at the time that it would be the last I’d see you for all these many years. What might I have said to you had I known, I cannot say.

Anyway, here is the song called Ashokan Farewell, performed by Jay Unger and the Molly Mason Family Band.

Missing you always.

Love forever,

Daddy ❤ ❤ ❤

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