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Dear Lili,

Once after your mother and I separated you spent the weekend with me. I didn’t know it at the time, but the weekends we were to spend together were fast disappearing, through no fault of my own. I desperately tried to maintain our relationship and be what I always had been to you — your Daddy, the first man in your life, and the man to whom you could always depend upon to be there for you. Sadly, other people had different ideas and sought to undermine the love we shared.

That one weekend, in the genkan right before we left for the train to bring you back to your mother’s house, you suddenly turned to me and said “Don’t forget me, Daddy.” Of course, I burst into tears, wondering how such a thought could possibly enter your head, how you could possibly imagine that I could ever foregt you. You were my whole life, my sweet little angel, and I could no more forget you than I could forget my own name. I assured you of course that I never would, never could, forget you. The words you spoke to me that day have haunted me ever since, and they make me cry all over again whenever I think of them.

I hope someday you find this blog and understand that I never did forget you. I hope you come to understand someday that I fought long and hard to remain in your life, and that I would be there for you still if I had been able.

The love a father has for his daughter is forever. I will never, ever forget the love we once shared and what you meant to me, what you mean to me still.

Love always,

Your Dad

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I’ll Be Seeing You

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